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CHN Analytics provides world class technology forecasting services by leveraging sophisticated data mining and predictive analysis in tandem with industry expertise of experienced in-house researchers.

Horizon Scanning

A systematic process for early detection of potential opportunities and threats with a focus on emergent and disruptive technologies. This predictive technique utilizes an AI-based process that identifies the technologies, experts and organizations responsible for this activity and then anticipates their eventual commercialization timeline.

Deep Dive Analysis

An analytical process that places a boundary around an area of developing technology. All of the related IP is collected and analyzed to uncover who is doing what, where, when, how and to what degree of success.

Commercialization Roadmapping

A process by which an organization’s IP is analyzed using a set of advanced technology mapping algorithms and is then linked to organizations in similar technology areas to accelerate its commercialization. This can be done to roll out existing IP to the market or to go find relevant IP anywhere in the world to solve an existing and identified technological challenge.

Industry & Competitor Reports

Utilizing our advanced technology mapping algorithms, we are able to identify the exact and very specific R&D activity of competitors and entire industries including who they are collaborating with and how valuable one technology portfolio is over another.

Technology Portfolio Ranking

A system by which a proprietary algorithm is utilized to rank underlying technologies contained in all patents. By creating a “scoring” system for IP we can then rank any organization’s IP portfolio to identify “hot” patent activity.  This can be done on portfolios ranging from 1 to 50,000 in size.

Customized Reports

We use big data and, industry & technology expert insight, and market data to answer questions around the most challenging issues facing research-intensive organizations.

Data Point Access

leverages billions of connected data points around advanced technologies.

Proprietary Algorithms

We utilize complex algorithms to uncover both strong and weak technical market activity in target technologies.

Consulting Solutions

emphasizing breadth of global reach: across data and country boundaries, depth of analysis: billions of data points analyzed, human expert feedback: identified and accessed from expert rankings, and relatively fast turnaround: days and weeks versus months on comparable consulting engagements.

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