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Outmaneuver the competition

“If all you are trying to do is essentially the same thing as your rivals then it is unlikely you will be very successful.”

Michael Porter


By combining hundreds of millions of documents generated from billions of data points, we help you identify the emerging technologies that will define the business of the future.


We use global data sources but can also incorporate custom data sets for a more complete and tailored analysis.


Proprietary algorithms allow us to uncover unique insights into these technologies and predict their path to full-scale commercialization.

Identify: Our detailed reports identify technical roadmaps for your industry, competitors, and potential areas of overlap, acceleration, decline, and collaboration.

Outmaneuver: We perform in-depth analyses that allow us to predict how fast competitive technologies will become commercialized and by whom.

Outpace: The data we gather lets us rank small-to-medium sized enterprises in terms of emerging technology, so you can build your strategy for the future.

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Industry &
Competitor Reports

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